Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow, Can firefox cram a lot of stuff in their browser

I just downloaded the new Firefox and along with it several of their plugin's. In fact this blog post is being composed in a plug-in called performancer, which definitely has a spell checker and several other editing functions. The problem is that the browsing window is only two inches tall and about eight inches wide. This performancer, while integrating nicely with the browser was not intuitive to operate. When I turned it on, it greeted me with a blank window and a blue button that said publish, but when you pressed it, it informed you that you had screwed up and not provided a blog address. Unfortunately there was no instructions as to how you should proceed from there. It provides a way to read the metrics, or lack there of for your blog. Mine are to embarrassing to put here.

I also downloaded yoosers, that sounds a little like loosers, which I must be because I have no idea what the thing does other than consume about two inches along the right side of my screen. I predict that yoosers might be the first new plug-in to be blasted off the screen.

Acuweather has a nice plug-in, it adds the next two day's forecast along the bottom of your screen. It is small and expands only when you want it to. For example I can tell you that it will be 65 degrees tomorrow with a chance of rain in the morning without inturupting my typing.

I down loaded a number of other plug-ins that seem to have disappeared, hmmm... I wonder where they went? Oh well if this preformancer works, I'll probably blog about them, just for good practice once I locate them.

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