Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mérida Initiative

In my last post (I know it was a long time ago) I mentioned the Mérida initiative and the rising death toll in Mexico's struggle to reform itself, Since that time I have come across this additional information from the Mexico Institute on providing an overview of the Mérida initiative. This article gives an overview of the plan including to the Mexican legal system, establishment of a non-corrupt Mexican FBI, and an accounting of the 500M of aid sent to Mexico each year under the program to purchase things like helicopters for use in drug enforcement.

The bad news is that my last post under reported the number of murders and assassinations carried out by the drug cartels who will stop at nothing to derail the reforms. If Mexico eliminates corruption, the drug families will have a much more difficult time exploiting the Mexican people as they cash in on the American appetite for illegal drugs.

Every Californian should understand what the Mérida initiative means to our economy, safety, and overall well being.