Saturday, September 08, 2007


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Friday, March 30, 2007

Long week

What a week, I only worked three days but it turned out to be one of the longest weeks of the year. After spending most of my time this week keeping the AFCEA 2007 C4ISR Symposium on track (worthy of another post all by itself) we got called into a meeting to discuss a data call gone bad; Naturally the announcement was sent out at the last minute, I think I had 30 minutes notice to make a meeting that was 20 minutes away. We started the meeting reviewing our previous data call and discovered we did something wrong but we couldn't tell what; it just didn't make sense. We tried to determine the motive of the data call... but failed. We tried to determine the source of the data call but failed... So we made up some other business rules and made up a due date that corresponded to peoples vacation schedule.

Data calls in my organization are common and are usually quick turn
around, poorly defined calls for information from somewhere on high
(could be God for all I know) to do something non-specific. So this call was not unusual, The reason I'm posting this rant here is that part of this blog is supposed to discuss innovation. Today's post poses the question; how do you collect data on your organization without sucking all of the innovative life out? A question I hope to answer before I retire...

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